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Edgestar Wine Cooler

The best way to serve wines is at their perfect chilled state, that way they are best enjoyed in the body. But the biggest question is getting a good wine cooler that will chill our wine without tampering with their taste and tranquilizing effect. Refrigerators are bad options for chilling our wines because; They operate at very low temperatures which are perfect for preserving edibles, not unpalatable for our wines They have very low humidity and the dry air could crack up the wine corks and seep into the wine thereby souring it.

When considering wine coolers
The important factors to consider when buying wine coolers are;

Source of cooling
There are two main sources when it comes to wine coolers; they can either be vapor compression based or thermoelectric Vapor compression wine coolers have machines (compressors) that energize the refrigerant and moves them into the area to be cooled. In Thermoelectric wine coolers, the cooling effect comes from a differential in the temperature between the inner and outer placed part of a conductor; that has current flowing through it. Vapor compression wine coolers have higher capacities. But they consume lots of power, are noisy and use refrigerants. Examples are the Magic Chef 44 bottle wine coolers, Edgestar 332 bottle built-in SS wine cooler. Thermoelectric wine coolers are less noisy, consume less power, and are ecofriendly. Examples are the Edgestar X bottles thermoelectric

Number of temperature zones
The Cabernet Sauvignon and other red wines have different cooling temperatures from the Chardonnay and other white wines as other varieties. Single temperature zone wine coolers have just one compartment, as all the wine placed in the wine coolers have similar cooling temperatures. Dual temperature zones like the Magic chef 44 bottles dual zone wine cooler have double compartments that operate at the respective cooling temperatures for the variety of wines placed in them. Multiple temperature zones have more than two compartments and can carry more varieties of wine compared to the single and double zones. They are also bigger and are better for commercial purposes. Single zone wine coolers like the (Edgestar CWR1211SZ 121 bottles) are easier to maintain, cheaper, and simpler to use. The dual/multi zones wine coolers can be used for more varieties of wine and does not limit your choice and collection of wines.

The positioning of wine coolers
Wine coolers can be designed to be stand-alone, on countertop, built-in or integrated to your kitchen for better finesse Stand-alone wine coolers are bigger, broader, and consume a lot of space. They are much better for commercial uses or larger collections of wine. Counter-tops are preferable if you’re constrained on space, and can contain just under a dozen bottles of wine. Integrated wine coolers are usually fitted into units around the kitchen like; cabinetry and cupboards mostly at chest height. Built-ins like the Edgestar 30-bottle built-in are very beautiful and designed to blend as a unit in the kitchen. They usually provide a sweet look to your kitchen.

Two popular brand makers of wine coolers you should consider when deciding on the right wine coolers are Magic chef and Edgestar. Both brands are makers of everyday appliances in the homes like refrigerators, heaters, etc. and are known for the quality appliance they manufacture. The Edgestar CWR1431TZ 143-Bottle triple zone wine cooler is a good appliance to keep your multi-variety wine chilled. Also, the Magic Chef Dual-zone Built-in wine cooler will look elegant in the face of that your new kitchen.