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Allavino FlexCount

A wine refrigerator is more than just a fancy version of a fridge, it is specifically designed to properly chill wine bottles to their ideal temperature. The new Allavino FlexCount dual zone wine refrigerator with black door promises to do the job efficiently all in a relatively compact model. But does it really live up to the standards expected from such devices?

There are numerous features associated with this model, starting with the 172-bottle capacity which makes it perfect for the wine lover and even small restaurants or cafés that wish to chill their wine economically. Other notable features include the following;

71.5” x 23.5” x 27”
12 Shelves: Holding 11 bottles each
2 Shelves: Holding 20 bottles each
Innovative Shelf Design
Handles Different Bottle Sizes
Dual Zone Temperature Control: Can store red and white wine
Curved and Towel Bar Handle
Digital Display
User Friendly Controls
LED Lighting
Fan-Forced Cooling
Energy Efficient

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The dual zone wine refrigerator can store wine at temperatures from 40F to 55F degrees in the upper zone, 55F to 65F degrees in the lower zone. The temperatures are controlled from the digital display, offering simple, straightforward monitoring of the wine inside the refrigerator.

There are considerable benefits for wine lovers to purchase this unit, starting with relatively compact design for the number of bottles that it holds. This means that the unit can fit into a room relatively easily to store wine which makes it perfect for those who want to have plenty of wine on-hand, but not a lot of room. This is why the refrigerator may be useful for small restaurants and cafés that serve wine but may not have a lot of room to spare.

Capacity: Being able to hold 172 wine bottles is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering the overall size of the refrigerator. This means that you can purchase and hold wine over time to serve when you desire. Your old favorites combined with those you have collected means they can all be in one place for you to access.

Dual Zone Temperature Control: Arguably the most desired feature of this product, the ability to chill white and red wine at different temperatures means that they can be stored in this single until. You save money and space by only having to purchase one refrigerator. The controls themselves are easy to use, so you can set the temperature to fit your needs.

Strong Shelves: The shelves manage to be thin enough to allow 12 to 20 wine bottles to fit easily while also being strong and durable. This means that over time the shelves will not sag, but instead hold firm no matter the number of times you add or remove wine bottles. Plus, the shelves have ball bearing tracks which makes sliding the bottles in and out a breeze. You have easy access to all your wine bottles thanks to these remarkable shelves which can hold various sizes of bottles.

Modern Style: Sleek does not mean skimpy or cheap when it comes to the appearance of this dual zone wine refrigerator. Of course, the black exterior which includes the door helps, but there is a sense of elegance while retaining the minimal modern design that makes this unit a perfect addition to your kitchen, cellar, or any room where you want to keep the wine properly chilled.

Energy Efficient: It may seem counterintuitive at first that this device actually conserves energy compared to
similar size refrigerators, but the advanced cooling systems which includes fan-forced air and LED lighting means that it uses about 25% less electricity than other models like it on the market today. Add to this the dual zone wine refrigerator is quiet and free of vibrations and you have a unit that will work in your home for many years without adding significantly to your electricity bill.

Versatile: You can choose to build the refrigerator into your cabinetry or have it stand-alone in a room. Thanks to the front-venting design, you can choose the location you want for this refrigerator and not have to worry about leaving space behind it for venting purposes. Plus, thanks to its superb balance, it can stand alone in a room with little outside support.

Price: There is no question that the price may seem a little high to some but considering the other units on the market that hold a similar number of wine bottles, the price is actually quite reasonable. It may not be on the low end of the scale, but at least it’s not over priced as some similar wine refrigerators tend to be.


Despite all the advantages of the Allavino FlexCount dual zone wine refrigerator, there area a few small issues that some customers have noted along with the overall design itself.


Noise: The most prominent complaint has been the noise the compressor makes when running at full speed. This has affected only a relative few refrigerators and is covered by the warranty. However, for some it can be an issue since the advertising does promise a quiet unit. Still, the noise appears to part of a few defective models and not the overall number of dual zone refrigerators from Allavino FlexCount.

Cold Section Racks: There is one rack in each section for fat wine bottles, which means that you might find one shelf full of the fat wine bottles you want while the other stays empty. However, this disadvantage is more in tune with the wine that you drink rather than a design flaw.


Overall, the Allavino FlexCount dual zone wine refrigerator is a winner, offering superb service over a lifetime of use. The sleek, modern design is not only attractive, but helps make the unit compact, so that it fits easily into your kitchen, dining room, den, cellar, or storage area. For wine lovers, this is the perfect refrigerator to store red and white wines and chill them to their proper temperature.