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Although alcohol has never been one of the basic needs of life (some may vehemently oppose), its calming effect helps the consumer to ‘happy’ state of mind; needed more than ever especially at this time. The global pandemic and the resulting lockdown orders prevented most bars or retail shops from the sale of alcohol; this has led to people scanning and searching for alternate means to get their desired liquors. The best way to get your supply of alcohol without breaking the laws of the state (lockdown order) is by looking at online/e-commerce stores and delivery companies. While the pandemic was raging, and the difficult periods of the corona-virus forced families and individuals to their homes, Home delivery businesses were the only businesses allowed to operate. A lot of companies had to shift their major operations online, and this has led to an increase in patronage for e-commerce sites

Get your alcohol through these sites
Here are the lists of reputable and trustworthy companies you can get alcohol from

Become a member of a wine membership club online, by filing a 6-question form and ‘agreeing’ to their terms and operations policy. After registration, you are afforded an online ‘wine cellar’ which is tailored to your needs (max. of 4-bottle customization) Although the prices are fair, you get lots of incentives ordering for the first time, and shipping fees are non-negotiable.

One good thing about using post mates is that they seem quite progressive in employing the use of contactless payments, they also have a wonderful customer experience. Beers, wines, tequila, whiskey, name it; they’ll bring it all to your doorstep down to the lime in your tequila

Have your bar in your house, yes! yours. This company through their “SUB tap home” system offers you a ‘beer tap’ in your home; just like your water dispensers. Just turn on the tap to fill your beer mugs; their dispensing machine sits on top of the counters in your kitchen, and are supplied by their 70 ounces beer kegs. A one-off purchase of the home tap and 4 beer kegs will cost you just over $100, but being a member offers you better incentives.

Cocktail courier
This company not only offers you the option to order your alcohol and get them delivered to your doorstep, but their cocktails also come with a recipe card on how you can mix your drinks. You can order from one of their numerous packages; usually included with all the ingredients and mixing tips. With one of their cocktail kits, you can make cocktails for about 6-12 people. You can sign up for their online membership to get kits regularly; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Also, you can get your margarita and other cocktail making hardware.

You can wine in style, by registering in this company’s members-only wine club, no wonder it is self-styled the golden tickets of liquor. It also offers you the experience of ‘uncommon and classic’ spirits that would leave you wondering. Their $25-$32 membership charges per month also privy you as a member to a full-size liquor of your choice every quarter.

The coronavirus shouldn’t be a reason for you to also socially distance yourself from the calming effects of alcohol. These methods of delivery are doing more to promote the cultivation of contactless payments