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Why Should You Buy A Wine Cooler?
If you are like any wine consumer or even simply a dabbler in vino arts, you can appreciate the fact that wine is best experienced at a certain temperature. The temperature of the wine isn’t just important for the flavor profile and subtle notes but also for the aging of the wine. You may want to keep some of the wine in storage or on the shelf for a special occasion. However, your refrigerator or the liquor cabinet isn’t the best option. Sparkling wines are best served between 45 – 48 degrees F, light white wines between 45 – 50 degrees, full-bodied white wines between 50 – 55 degrees, light red wines between 55 – 60 degrees, and full-bodied red wine 60 – 65 degrees F. If you are storing wines for more than 6 months, then 55 degrees is the best option to slow the degradation process. No use to buy wine to just have it go bad on the shelf.

So, serving straight from the shelf your wines will be 70+ degrees. Instead, a wine cooler allows you to chill the vino to the appropriate temperature. Many of these coolers are dual zoned allowing you to have a red and white ready at any point in the evening. Regulated temperatures will keep the wine fresh and your friends impressed.

Is A Built-In Wine Cooler Better Than A Free-Standing Wine Cooler?
Based on the options available for wine coolers there are two broad types that you can choose from. First, like any appliance you can buy a free-standing unit that can be placed anywhere. These units are handy when you need to be flexible with the location. Second, a built-in wine cooler was designed to fit under a counter. It slides in just as a dishwasher would into any open space. The dimensions are built such that they are flush with the edges and sides and will look like they belong there. Built-in wine coolers are superior for one very unique reason. Their cooling unit exhaust is at the bottom of the frame and blows outward. This is opposed to having the cooling unit on the back, similar to a refrigerator. With the cooling unit at the bottom you don’t need any extra space at the back, top, or sides of the box. The built-in can be completely flush with all edges and walls without interfering with the mechanics or the electronics. So, even if you aren’t putting one underneath a counter, a built-in unit is designed well enough to work as a free-standing unit as well.

What Characteristics Should I Look For In A Built-In Wine Cooler?
Of all of the qualities that the best wine cooler could have there are only a few major considerations that will ultimately help you decide. Here are the top wine cooler characteristics that you will need to know while looking through the list.

Capacity For Different Bottles
Outer Dimensions For Locations
Number Of Cooling Zones
Thermoelectric VS Compressor Cooling
Style Of The Unit With Your Home

Best Wine Coolers For Under The Counter
Here are the best built in wine coolers on the market today. Before you decide on a unit make sure you measure your desired location at least twice. Think about what types of wine you drink and how often. Do you like to keep wine around for long periods of time? Do you like to have different types of wine ready at a moment’s notice? These will focus your search to certain types. Check these built-in wine coolers for the top options today.

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler (Link)
This dual zone 46 capacity cooler is the king or queen of the vino party. The double-layer clear glass front is highlighted by blue backlit LED. The shelves are beech wood in each of the two zones. The temperature zones are digitally controlled with low vibration and noise. This version also comes in a 17, 28 and 46 capacity versions.

Aobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler (Link)
Another dual-zone cooler, this wine cooler has a smaller capacity of 28 bottles. Though it is perfect for white wines on top and red wines on the bottom. The wood shelves are detachable for a more specialized organization. The settings can be saved in case the power goes out.

EdgeStar 15, 24, and 30 Inch Wine Cooler (Link, Link, Link)
The 30 and the 53-bottle capacity EdgeStar wine coolers are great for single variety wines. They have excellent temperature ratings and are perfect for long term storage of your favorite varieties. The larger 30-inch 56 bottle capacity cooler is a dual zone cooler with side-by-side zones. This allows for the fridge to be evenly split between two types in the French door style.

Kalamera 15 and 24 Inch Wine Cooler (Link, Link)
The single zone and subsequent dual zone Kalamera wine coolers are at the top of most people’s lists for best wine coolers. They are energy efficient, quiet, and have push button temperature settings.

NewAir 29 Bottle Wine Cooler (Link)
NewAir has the benefit of having triple-tempered glass doors to keep in the cold air where it is supposed to be, in the case. This smaller 29 bottle capacity is great for both everyday use and long-term storage with the dual zone settings.

Phiestina 15 Inch Dual Zone Wine Cooler (Link)
The Phiestina model is a medium capacity 29 bottle wine cooler that has the added benefit of an excellent, high-efficient, and quiet compressor. The less you hear the unit the better. Twenty-nine bottles is great for larger parties or long term storage and daily use.

Whynter 18 Bottle Wine Cooler (Link)
For those looking for a small option to fit into a small space or even next to a couch you can get a small capacity cooler that has enough space for 18 bottles. Even if you drink one bottle per day you are fit for almost 3 weeks with this cooler. Regardless of which you buy, make sure that it fits your lifestyle, your space, and your wine selection.